BRIDGESTONE Your Journey, Our Passion


Bridgestone in F1 How it all began

Formula One is the pinnacle of motor racing: entrenched in tradition, heritage and arguably the most respected of all motor racing categories.
It was natural therefore that Bridgestone had always dreamt of participating in this legendary racing series.
For a Japanese tyre manufacturer whose brand was virtually unknown in Europe at the time, it took many years of hard work to acquire a reputation and build the necessary foundation of trust. We did this both through our investment and achievements on the race track, and by growing and developing into a corporation capable of pursuing such world-level projects.
For us, participation in F1 was not just the realization of a long-held dream, it was a key part of our successful effort to transform Bridgestone into a world leading tyre manufacturer.
This is the story of our passion for racing and devotion to the F1 dream.

  • 1960 - The challenge begins
  • 1970 - First encounter with F1
  • 1980 - Doors begin to open
  • 1990 - Step by step towards F1
  • 1996 - Poised for the challenge
  • 1997 - Realizing the dream